Wow, can you believe the weather we’re having?! Winter is not my favorite season but these mild temperatures certainly make it a lot more bearable. In an effort to embrace our Canadian winter, my husband and I bought snow shoes this year, intending to stay healthy and active as we trek through the snow. Just our luck, no snow – but I know it’s coming! Until then I will enjoy the balmy weather 🙂

We are now in our third week of full-time remote learning and it seems like everyone has adjusted fairly well. I am thankful for all the efforts from students, parents and staff as we effectively switched gears in these last weeks leading up to the holiday break. It is so important for our students to continue attending their classes remotely every day, even as we get closer to Christmas. I recognize that this can be very challenging for a variety of reasons, but we “gotta dig deep” and keep going.

Important reminders for our students:

  • Join your classes every day at the scheduled times
  • Be an active participant in your learning – ask questions and share your ideas
  • Communicate with your teachers and ask for support when you need it
  • Include some physical activity in your daily routine

The last day of classes before the Christmas break is Friday, December 18th. Remote learning will continue after the holidays with classes resuming for all students on Monday, January 4th. 

This has been such a challenging year – one that has been filled with uncertainty, loss and constant change. Some days it feels like the world’s been flipped upside down, while others feel somewhat normal as we try to go on “with business as usual”. I’m trying to accept that Christmas this year will not include all the usual traditions and festivities but I’ll admit, it’s tough. My hope is that we will find a sense of comfort in fond memories of the past and that the holiday season is filled with love, laughter and good health. I’m sure the phone lines will be humming as we find ways to connect with our loved ones through texts, social media and Zoom.

Wishing you a Christmas that is merry and bright and a New Year that brings hope for better days ahead. Happy Holidays from everyone at NHS!

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