Goodbye January – Hello February

January was quite the month … but despite the fragmented return to school we figured it out and here we are! I want to again commend our school community – students, parents, and staff – for their resilience and positive outlook as we managed remote learning and multiple weather-related closures.  Apparently the groundhogs say we have some more tough days of winter ahead but I guess we should be used to these long Manitoba winters by now.

With the start of semester two, NHS welcomes Janelle Malech back from her leave. We are also happy to have Brittany Martens join us until spring break and appreciate the support she will provide in the grade 9 and 10 interdisciplinary classes. Katie Martin is currently on leave and her classes are being covered by Melissa Onizak and Jessica Neuendorff.

On December 14, 2021, Manitoba Education announced a new pilot program to support engagement with Indigenous Elders and Knowledge Keepers in schools to promote the inclusion of First Nations, Métis and Inuit histories, culture, traditional values, contemporary lifestyles and traditional knowledge in the provincial curriculum. Three schools in Hanover were selected to participate in this pilot, with NHS being one of them. Over the next few months our students will have the chance to participate in and learn about cultural teachings, experiences and Indigenous languages. We are excited to be part of this learning opportunity and will share more information with you as the planning progresses. Click on this link for more details – News Release | Elders and Knowledge Keepers in Manitoba Schools.

Here are a few other things to make note of this month ….

Cell Phone Reminder

As students start new classes this week, we remain dedicated to removing the distraction of cell phones in the classroom. This is very difficult for some students and we are still needing to provide many reminders. I encourage families to have conversations about responsible use of technology and remind students that cell phones must be stowed away in lockers or backpacks during class time.

Report Cards

Report cards will be issued on Monday, Feb 14 and will be available through the parent portal. There are no formal parent-teacher conferences scheduled for this time in the year, but parents are always welcome to reach out to teachers to discuss the learning of their child. Teacher email addresses are available on the school website.


HSD will be revisiting the current pause on spectators in school and we anticipate the reinstatement of spectators, in a limited capacity, will happen shortly. Stay tuned for more information.

Dates to Remember

Feb 21 – Louis Riel Day – no school

Feb 25 – HSD PD Day – no school

Bus Drivers Needed

HSD is looking for bus drivers. Training is provided. Anyone interested can email Robert Warkentin at or call the transportation office at 204-320-2347 for more information.  This opportunity is also listed on the HSD website under the employment tab.

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