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Graduation Awards

The following criteria for the following awards are guidelines only. Each award will be given out at the discretion of the donors and the administration. 


Post-Secondary Education Required In The Fall:

Chown Centennial Scholarship ($1000)

  • best ‘all round’ graduate registered for full course program at U of Manitoba
  • minimum average of 85% on at least 5 credits at Grade 12 level

Niverville Credit Union Scholarship ($1000)

  • average of 75% or better
  • registered for full course program at a post-secondary institution

Parent Advisory Council Award (2 awards of $250 each)

  • average of 75% over all 40 level courses
  • good attendance
  • displays positive citizenship and character
  • post-secondary education or training at university or college, trades, or GAP year studies

Niverville Physiotherapy Athletic Scholarship (2 awards of $300 each) 

  • two separate awards to a male and female athlete.
  • excelled in two varsity sports
  • registered at a post-secondary institution in the fall
  • preference given to students going into medical or sports-related faculties

Hanover Teachers’ Association ($1000)

  • student has maintained high grades in his/her year of graduation
  • student has demonstrated excellent communication skills, interpersonal skills, leadership activities and a love of learning
  • student has participated in school activities and is involved in the community
  • student will be entering a post-secondary program of study in the fall session of his/her graduating year

Ivy Friesen “Change the World” Memorial Award ($500)

  • given in honour of former NCI teacher Ivy Friesen
  • enrolled in a post-secondary institution
  • positive outlook on life, natural leader who leads by example, selflessness, hardworking and inclusiveness

Social Clothing Business Award ($250)

  • Student enrolled in a Business program such as Asper School of Business or RRC Business Admin


Post-Secondary Education At A Later Date:

Town of Niverville Award ($1000)

  • full course load; high academic standing
  • involved in both school and community life
  • pursuing post-secondary education, not necessarily next year
  • resides in Niverville or at least makes community contributions to this region

Niverville Firefighters Scholarship ($500)

  • a top graduate, full course load
  • demonstrates leadership
  • post-secondary plans in future or going into firefighting, ambulance, policing

Niverville Family Chiropractic Scholarship ($500)

  • exhibits excellence in character and academics. 
  • will be going on to post-secondary education, but not necessarily directly after graduation.
  • preference will be given to a student who plans to study or take part in an exchange experience abroad


Post-Secondary Education Not Necessarily Required:

Joy Fund ($1000)

  • not necessarily have high marks, or be planning to attend a post-secondary educational institution
  • shown their selflessness and love to others
  • someone who seeks to better the lives of others without need of personal recognition

MLA Ron R. Schuler Award ($250)

  • a student who most exemplifies volunteerism
  • shows dedication to the common good: extensive involvement in school and demonstrated potential for leadership, honesty, perseverance, friendliness, and dependability
  • resides in the Springfield-Ritchot Constituency (RM of Ritchot, Town of Niverville, Western portion of the RM of Springfield)

Niverville MCC Thrift Store Bursary ($500)

  • volunteered his/her time for the betterment of school or community
  • bursary is to be issued toward cost of a program that involves volunteer work or any post-secondary education, with preference going to volunteer opportunity

Wiens Furniture Young Leader Award  ($1000)

  • recognizes a student who is well-rounded, takes his/her studies and responsibilities seriously while maintaining an eager outlook on life and also being a conscientious and involved participant in the life of the school community

BSI Insurance Award ($500) 

  • B – Bright Side – displays an optimistic and positive outlook in all areas of life.
  • S – Service – shows a strong passion for helping others around and willingly seeks opportunities to give back to the community and/or school.
  • IIntegrity – is an individual who displays strong ethical principles and is of sound moral character.
  • award recipient does not have to obtain high marks.

Governor General’s Bronze Medal (no $)

  • highest academic standing in Grade 11 and Grade 12 courses.