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Grad Pictures on Friday, February 25, 2022 – more information to come…

Grad Convocation on Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Graduation Awards

The following criteria for the following awards are guidelines only. Each award will be given out at the discretion of the donors and the administration. 


Post-Secondary Education Required In The Fall:

Chown Centennial Scholarship ($1000)

  • best ‘all round’ graduate registered for full course program at U of Manitoba
  • minimum average of 85% on at least 5 credits at Grade 12 level

Niverville Credit Union Scholarship ($1000)

  • average of 75% or better
  • registered for full course program at a post-secondary institution

Parent Advisory Council Award (2 awards of $250 each)

  • average of 75% over all 40 level courses
  • good attendance
  • displays positive citizenship and character
  • post-secondary education or training at university or college, trades, or GAP year studies

Niverville Physiotherapy Athletic Scholarship (2 awards of $300 each) 

  • two separate awards to a male and female athlete.
  • excelled in two varsity sports
  • registered at a post-secondary institution in the fall
  • preference given to students going into medical or sports-related faculties

Hanover Teachers’ Association ($1000)

  • student has maintained high grades in his/her year of graduation
  • student has demonstrated excellent communication skills, interpersonal skills, leadership activities and a love of learning
  • student has participated in school activities and is involved in the community
  • student will be entering a post-secondary program of study in the fall session of his/her graduating year

Ivy Friesen “Change the World” Memorial Award ($500)

  • given in honour of former NCI teacher Ivy Friesen
  • enrolled in a post-secondary institution
  • positive outlook on life, natural leader who leads by example, selflessness, hardworking and inclusiveness

Social Clothing Business Award ($250)

  • Student enrolled in a Business program such as Asper School of Business or RRC Business Admin


Post-Secondary Education At A Later Date:

Town of Niverville Award ($1000)

  • full course load; high academic standing
  • involved in both school and community life
  • pursuing post-secondary education, not necessarily next year
  • resides in Niverville or at least makes community contributions to this region

Niverville Firefighters Scholarship ($500)

  • a top graduate, full course load
  • demonstrates leadership
  • post-secondary plans in future or going into firefighting, ambulance, policing

Niverville Family Chiropractic Scholarship ($500)

  • exhibits excellence in character and academics. 
  • will be going on to post-secondary education, but not necessarily directly after graduation
  • preference will be given to a student who plans to study or take part in an exchange experience abroad

Raj Raichura & Co Inc Award (2 awards of $250 each)

  • motivated, hardworking student who exhibits strength of character 
  • going on to post-secondary university, college or trade school


Post-Secondary Education Not Necessarily Required:

Joy Fund ($1000)

  • not necessarily have high marks, or be planning to attend a post-secondary educational institution
  • shown their selflessness and love to others
  • someone who seeks to better the lives of others without need of personal recognition

MLA Ron R. Schuler Award ($250)

  • a student who most exemplifies volunteerism
  • shows dedication to the common good: extensive involvement in school and demonstrated potential for leadership, honesty, perseverance, friendliness, and dependability
  • resides in the Springfield-Ritchot Constituency (RM of Ritchot, Town of Niverville, Western portion of the RM of Springfield)

Niverville MCC Thrift Store Bursary ($500)

  • volunteered his/her time for the betterment of school or community
  • bursary is to be issued toward cost of a program that involves volunteer work or any post-secondary education, with preference going to volunteer opportunity

Wiens Furniture Young Leader Award  ($1000)

  • recognizes a student who is well-rounded, takes his/her studies and responsibilities seriously while maintaining an eager outlook on life and also being a conscientious and involved participant in the life of the school community

BSI Insurance Award ($500) 

  • B – Bright Side – displays an optimistic and positive outlook in all areas of life.
  • S – Service – shows a strong passion for helping others around and willingly seeks opportunities to give back to the community and/or school.
  • IIntegrity – is an individual who displays strong ethical principles and is of sound moral character.
  • award recipient does not have to obtain high marks.

Governor General’s Bronze Medal (no $)

  • highest academic standing in Grade 11 and Grade 12 courses.

Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries

Webpage with Multiple Scholarships 

  1. https://www.scholarshipscanada.com/
  2. https://yconic.com/
  3. https://scholartree.ca/
  4. http://scholarships.studentscholarships.org/
  5. https://studentawards.com


Individual Scholarships

  1. http://www.pilipino-express.com/community/5239-2021-ustaam-scholarship-awards.html
  2. https://mbbeef.ca/our-news/mbp-scholarship/
  3. https://www.mhsaa.ca/awards/
  4. http://www.leonardfnd.org/
  5. https://www2.mb.bluecross.ca/community-wellness/scholarships
  6. https://www.hydro.mb.ca/careers/students/award_scholarship_bursary/
  7. https://scholarships.nupge.ca/
  8. https://www.rbc.com/dms/enterprise/scholarships.html
  9. https://portal.scholarshippartners.ca/welcome/td_en
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  12. http://scholarships.studentscholarships.org/bmo_bank_of_montreal_scholarship_2899.php
  13. https://terryfoxawards.ca/


University/College Scholarship Links

  1. University of Manitoba: https://umanitoba.ca/financial-aid-and-awards/entrance-awards
  2. University of Winnipeg: https://www.uwinnipeg.ca/awards/
  3. Red River College: https://www.rrc.ca/future-students/awards/
  4. Providence University College: https://www.prov.ca/admissions/financing-your-education/scholarships-bursaries/
  5. Canadian Mennonite University: https://www.cmu.ca/future/financial/scholarships
  6. Booth College: https://boothuc.ca/admissions/scholarships-financial-aid/


Big Scholarships: 


Manitoba Student Loans

If you get a student loan, you are then eligible for “bursaries” which need to be applied for and earned. Many students take out the loan, and put it in the bank (spend as little of it as possible) and then use the bursary money they get.