The Town of Niverville is asking residents to take note that during the first couple of weeks at the new High School, teachers, students and buses will be using Arena Road as the access point to the school.  Students living east of the CPR tracks who are walking to school are encouraged to use the North railway pedestrian crossing to get to Arena Road. Students that live on the west side of the tracks are encouraged to use the walking path along Old Drovers Run to Station Road, then cross over PR 311 to Arena Road. Once students reach the parking lot area, there are sidewalks that will lead to the school entrance.

Pedestrians and vehicles will be sharing the roadway until such time that all sidewalks and road construction are complete.  Drivers are urged to reduce their vehicle speed while approaching the Arena Road and PR 311 intersection and while traveling down Arena Road.

It is anticipated that Centre Street (west to Krahn Road) and Mulberry Avenue will be paved later in September.  Once these streets have been paved, vehicles and pedestrians will be redirected as Arena Road will then be closed for road and sewer works. Pedestrians will be encouraged to use the walking path along Old Drovers Run to gain access to the pedestrian crossing at Mulberry Avenue and PR 311. There will be a pathway leading north down Mulberry Avenue to Center Street, which will in turn lead pedestrians to the school.  Mulberry Avenue will be the interim access for not only the school, but the arena, curling rink, compost site, dog park and CRRC construction site.

The Town of Niverville thanks you for your anticipated cooperation as they work to complete both new and upgraded infrastructure in the area.


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