Happy New Year to you all!

With the holiday season behind us we are looking forward to having our students return to school next week. As this period of full time remote learning comes to an end, I want to commend students and families for their continued efforts and commitment to school during this time. Remote learning certainly has its challenges but I am very proud of our students for their hard work and effort to “stick with it” even though it’s hard.

Students are scheduled to return to school starting Monday, January 18 and the Return to Orange Plan is attached. We anticipate this blended learning plan will be in place until Spring Break, and possibly longer, depending on provincial health restrictions. In the case we would be required to move back to “red”, this new plan/schedule will be able to be carried out 100% remotely if necessary, but we are hopeful that the current situation will only continue to improve.

I have really appreciated the positive comments and emails over the past few months and the school has felt the support of families and the community. I am also grateful to those who have reached out with their questions or concerns which gave us an opportunity to work together for a positive outcome. I warmly encourage you to communicate with your child’s teachers, learning support personnel, our guidance counsellor and the principals whenever the need arises. We have a great team here at NHS and we truly care about you and your kids!

Grade 9 Period 3 Timetable Revision

NHS Return to Orange Plan

Wishing you health and happiness in 2021,

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