Country singer Luke Bryan sings that “days go slow and years go fast” and although that song (Most People Are Good) was released in 2017 it seems like a fitting sentiment for this particular year. There have been days that have just dragged, especially during the height of the lockdown, but all of a sudden it’s March. How did that happen? The beautiful sunny days we’ve had in the past couple of weeks have provided some feelings of hope and rejuvenation and I find myself wondering “where did the time go”?

For much of the year we have felt consumed by “all things Covid” but it feels like we are starting to turn a bit of a corner and are able to turn some of our attention towards more positive things. Schools are slowly starting to reinstate some extra-curricular clubs during lunch and after school, and plans are underway to have athletics open up after spring break. Although we continue to follow the provincial health guidelines in an effort to keep everyone safe, and the re-opening is still quite limited, spring is in the air and it feels good to focus on some “good stuff”. 

Spring Break will run from March 29 – April 2 and we wish all of our students and staff an enjoyable, safe and relaxing week. Hopefully any traces of snow will be gone by April 5 when classes resume. In all likelihood, the province will have us continue with our current blended learning plan until the end of June, but should something change HSD will communicate that to all families in the division. We don’t anticipate a lot will change over the next few months so our goal is to settle in and focus on finishing out the year as strong as we can.

Until next month,

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