Happy New Year! I hope the Christmas break brought you all some rest and relaxation. Most of us are probably glad to leave 2021 behind us and are looking forward to much happier and more settled times. In some regards the year is not off to a great start, but I’m hopeful that things are going to turn around and improve in the near future. Obviously, this was not the return to school we were wanting, but our teachers are working hard to make this week of remote learning as successful as possible. We’ve done this before and we can do it again but we are definitely looking forward to having students back in person on January 17th!

Staffing Update

At the end of December we said goodbye to Mark Lebar as he moved on to other opportunities. Ryan Blight will be taking over Mark’s classes for the remainder of the school year. Ryan has many years of experience teaching business at the SRSS which will make this a smooth transition. With those changes came a new hire and we welcome Nicholas Reimer to our teaching staff. He is with us until the end of June and will be taking over Ryan’s grade 9 math, biology, and web design classes.

Semester 1 Wrap Up

The last day of classes for semester one is Tuesday, February 1st. Classes will run as usual until that last day and no formal assessment week will be scheduled. A variety of final assessments will occur in the last week or two of the semester and student attendance is especially important during this time. There are no classes on February 2 or 3 – attendance on those days will be by teacher invite only, based on individual learning and assessment needs. 

Extra-Curricular Sports

As mentioned in the Remote Learning Plan, basketball practices are continuing this week as scheduled. However, we have decided to pause competition for now and all games this week will be rescheduled. Once students return to school, the return to play procedures will be reviewed and I will send out another update.

That’s it for school news right now. On the weather front, it looks like we might be getting a reprieve from these frigid temperatures for a couple of days and I know I could certainly handle a few milder days. 

Stay warm!

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