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I hope this update finds you well. I, myself, find that time is just flying and at times it’s hard to catch my breath. It’s March already, with spring break right around the corner, and life is just buzzing. February was filled with a number of great things like Valentine cookie decorating, band festivals, a pancake breakfast, the Reality Check event, and the Grad Coffeehouse Fundraiser. A huge thank you to all the parents, students, and staff who worked so diligently to plan those events for our school.

Another big “thank you” to all those who responded to my email about project-based learning. As expected, there were strong opinions on both sides of the topic and I really appreciated the praise and encouragement of the program, as well as the constructive feedback and probing questions from those who have concerns. This feedback is very valuable to me, and our school team, as we plan for next year and continue with our efforts to provide high quality learning for our students. 

Here are a few additional things to highlight . . . 

NHS Musical Production

Niverville High is excited to be performing High School Musical this year! Rehearsals are well underway and the cast has been having so much fun running lines and choreographing musical numbers. Performances are scheduled for April and tickets will be going on sale later this month, so stay tuned!

Grade 11 & 12 Career Connection Event – March 17

This is a one day event for our grade 11 and 12 students for the purpose of introducing them to resources, tools, and organizations that can support their next steps as they start planning for work, post-secondary studies, and life after school. This event is happening at NHS and we are excited at the prospect of practical and authentic support that will help students jumpstart their futures. More details are provided in the attachment below.


As you are aware, vaping is not allowed in school, on school grounds, or at school sanctioned events. On occasion, we do encounter students vaping in the school bathrooms, and this is not okay. We continue to send a strong message to students that vaping anywhere on school property is violating HSD policy. Students caught vaping will be suspended from school for a minimum of 2 days. Students gathering in bathroom stalls or single use washrooms will also be subject to suspension. All students are encouraged to report incidents of vaping to a teacher or principal immediately so we can address the situation in the moment. It is important to us to provide a safe environment for everyone.

Permission Forms

Just a reminder that permission forms relating to school activities need to be completed through the parent portal. Divisional policy requires the formal document to be completed online and does not allow us to accept permission through email or phone call. The deadline to submit permission forms is 24 hours prior to the event; the parent portal does not accept submissions after that time. Please contact the school office if you require any assistance with permission forms.


Upcoming Dates

March 10 – HSD Admin/PD Day – no classes for students

March 24 – Last day of classes before Spring Break


Please remember to check our website for upcoming events and dates and that you are always welcome to contact the school, or me specifically, with any questions you may have.

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