Niverville High School

About Us

Niverville High School is a grade 9 – 12 school located in Niverville, Manitoba. We opened our doors in September 2019, and currently have approximately 320 students and 40 staff. Our school features a variety of academic programs, arts programs, sports teams, and extracurricular clubs.

Our school offers bright, open, innovative learning spaces for our students. In addition to regular classrooms, the school features science labs, an art room, and other specialized spaces such as a learning commons, digital learning labs, life-skills suite, a multi-purpose room, drama and band rooms, a large gymnasium, and a fitness room. 


Our Mission and Vision

It is our mission to engage students in rich, authentic learning experiences that reflect real world challenges and opportunities for the purpose of creating connections, personal growth, and participating successfully in today’s complex society.

We believe that learning is richer when it is active, that ideas and information are best understood when given a real world context, and that classrooms can expand beyond the walls of the school. We value an authentic learning environment that is meaningful, engaging, interdisciplinary, inquiry based, and relevant. We believe the value of learning is discovered through initiating and sustaining complex work, applying critical thinking skills in new, unpredictable situations, and presenting quality work.

We believe that no significant learning happens without a significant relationship, and that this relationship must be built on collaboration and compassion that will create trust and personal respect for one another. We want to challenge and empower each individual to pursue his/her potential, to develop a love for learning, and to embrace each day as a new possibility. We believe students will achieve success when they feel included and appreciated by their school community, are respected for their diverse abilities and interests, and have the opportunity to actively participate in school life.